wereldmapI like to travel, I travel often. I think what’s nice to know different countries and cultures. And not just the holidays are fun, also ensure the preparations for this already much anticipation.

On this site you can find stories from my holidays in different countries and continents. Preparations to this, the experiences during the trip as well as helpful tips for use before and during your stay and of course lots of pictures.

At the moment I’m trying to move all the stories of the old domain to this site. Will soon follow here so many more stories are.

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Travelogues New York

New York, the city that never sleeps and where you do not get bored. My travel stories about New York are now read by one website.

In 2003 I visited for the first time in the Big Apple with my sister and I was hooked. In the few days (4 to 7 April), we have been there we have seen a lot, but not everything.

Struck by the impressive atmosphere around Ground Zero I went back to New York in 2004. This time, 9 days from 6 thru September 14th. I wanted to be necessarily present once at the Memorial on September 11. A day not soon forget. A report of my stay was published daily on the internet.

And in 2005, I visited New York. This time at the end of the year. From December 29 to January 5, 2006. New Year’s Eve in New York.

This year I’ve been back to New York. This time, 10 days. From 6 to 14 September, I had ample time to get acquainted with eg the other side of New York (providing I have been looking for the non touristic interresting things Manhattan) and the atmosphere there is around the Memorial on September 11.

The trip this time is not booked through a tour company. Simply because they could not offer what I wanted (depart mid-week and 8 days stay in a hotel) and because it was more expensive than books themselves. Through the internet, the flight and hotel booked by two different organizations.
Budgetair through the flight with Delta Airlines unfiltered through Easyjet and I booked a discount hotel on the site of

For an overview of my planning for this trip and helpful tips for staying in Manhattan / USA click on the appropriate link.

During my stay in New York, this site is updated daily. Through the photos below you can follow my travel per day.